Anniversary of MCO

18 March 2020 was the first day of MCO in Malaysia.

Alike you, we were worried and
anxious about the future. We were afraid of what will happen as we depend fully on public donations.

Fortunately, our donors were very innovative. They used Online Bank In and E-wallet for donations. They utilized Online Shopping Platforms and Delivery Services in providing us with food and everyday items.

Thanks to all of you, we survived. You thought of us during the most difficult period. We love you with all our hearts, thank you!



幸运的是,我们的捐助者都非常有创新精神。他们使用了线上捐赠和电子钱包进行捐款。 他们甚至使用在线购物平台和送货服务为我们提供食品和日常用品。

感谢大家,我们得以幸存。 您在最困难的时期想到了我们。我们全心全意的感谢您的帮助,谢谢!