Ti-Ratana Stand Together Inaugural Online Concert 慈爱福利中心与你在一起线上演唱会

7th August 2021, Saturday, 8pm – We successfully held our first ever LIVE online concert, Ti-Ratana Stand Together Inaugural Online Concert. The concert was LIVE on Ti-Ratana Welfare Society’s official Youtube channel and Facebook page.

Ti-Ratana Welfare Society is providing for the needs of a few hundred underprivileged residents everyday, including elderly folks, orphans and single mothers. Due to COVID-19, we were unable to hold physical fundraising events anymore, causing our donations to drop rapidly. Thus, we came up with an idea to organise “Ti-Ratana Stand Together Inaugural Online Concert”. Our hope was to be able to bring in some funds to the home in order to get through this difficult pandemic period.  

We invited local artists and singers like the famous DJ Leng Yein, Choo Haoren, Nicole Lai and many more. Since MCO was still going on, we decided to have all our artistes pre recorded their performances at their own home for safety reasons and compliance to the country’s SOPs. We only have a few staff working on-site during the LIVE show together with our 2 emcees.  

Thanks to all those who have supported us from behind the scene and those at the on-site LIVE show night. Our official website online donation platform together with our E-Wallets have helped in making our donation through online more seamless and easy for everyone to make online donation during these trying times. With your dedication and continuous support this LIVE concert was a success!

We were all self tested for Covid-19 before entering the LIVE show studio. We still have plans on doing another online concert next year, so stay tuned!