I am saddened by the daily news of wars, calamities and suffering that is being inflicted by and on people all over the world. As a Buddhist monk, my ultimate concern is on all living things and the emphasis on practising love and compassion for other beings. We have been lucky to be born as human beings with the power to think, learn and analyse what we have been taught. However, even with centuries of being on this earth, we have still not learned from our history, experiences and mistakes. We are still pursuing material wealth, going into senseless wars and trying to impose one person’s will without any thought about the suffering of others. Leaders of the world, political and religious must come together to find a solution to this turmoil which seems to be spreading day by day. If a solution is not achieved soon, there might come a day when the whole world is at war.

As Buddhists, we must strive to have a stronger faith in Buddha’s teachings and practise loving kindness, compassion and peace in our daily lives. We must be strong enough in our faith that we will not retaliate in anger or seek revenge when we are wrong.

My blessings for a peaceful world and may you be well and happy always.

The Most Ven. Datuk K. Sri Dhammaratana
Founder & Advisor