Ti-Ratana Toy Bank

As part of our continuous effort in serving the community, we have carried out another charity project – Ti-Ratana Toy...
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#Ti-RatanaBesamaRakyat is a community project set up to address the White Flag Initiative and Suicide Prevention, an exercise to aid...
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Ti-Ratana Stand Together Inaugural Online Concert 慈爱福利中心与你在一起线上演唱会

7th August 2021, Saturday, 8pm - We successfully held our first ever LIVE online concert, Ti-Ratana Stand Together Inaugural Online...
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Dinner by Tsukiji No.8

250 pax of delicious bento food box by Tsukiji No.8    
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The Distance between a Mother and a Child 妈妈与女儿的距离会有多远?

An interview at Ti-Ratana Welfare Society. What we take for granted is something extravagant and special for someone else. Time...
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B Cafe International x Ti-Ratana Welfare Society

B Cafe is going to collaborate with Ti-Ratana Welfare Society Malaysia on a CSR Program. With every purchase of B Cafe...
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Vegetarian Lunch Sponsored By Persatuan Ajaran Bao En Dharma Vihara Selangor

300 pax of vegetarian chicken rice and boba tea sponsored by 宝华山 报恩寺 Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu  
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Facing a Bumpy Future Ahead, Little Boy without Identity Papers Abandoned at Welfare Centre Since 3 Years Old

With no recognized family name, parents, or relatives, a Chinese little boy was put into a welfare centre since he...
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自3岁被弃福利中心 男童无证件 前途坎坷

一名华裔男童3岁时被人带到慈爱福利中心Ti-Ratana,只留下一个名字就离开。如今男童已经12岁了,福利中心想帮他办理身分证,却因为没有报生纸和双亲资料就无法申请到,导致男童至今无法接受正统教育。 中国报 中国报视频 中国报Youtube 希佳星闻   
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Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur x CHUBB My

Online Learning Programme CSR project organised by Chubb MY and conducted by Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur. Each of our...
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